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Leadership Summit

Youth and Young Adults participate in workshops lead by industry leaders and have the opportunity to join discussion groups that explore personal and team leadership techniques, styles and models. 

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Through this program youth and young adults discover that everyone has a gift of the hand, or of the heart that can be used to build stronger communities. As they learn more about their gifts they are given opportunities for service and personal growth.

Dance Like No One
is Watching
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Once a quarter we invite all ages to join us for some rhythmic movement where we can be free of the pressure to have a certain body type, or dance skill set.

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Each year we like to honor dynamic people doing amazing work in our community and students who excel academically. We invite you to submit an application for our annual “Encouraged Banquet” where we recognize our scholarship recipients. See Scholarship Page for more information. 

To increase financial literacy by providing a safe community, that encourages and empowers participantsto apply healthy habits.



Service Projects
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Only Believe Partners with several community based agencies to tackle social justice issues, health justice concerns, homelessness and domestic violence.

Only Believe Foundation partners with Make Your Name Great organization to provide a leadership training experience that prepares youth ages 13-17 to become next generation leaders in various fields and professions.


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