Scholarship Descriptions

  • Book Scholarships to help students buy supplies needed for their field of study.

  • Testing Scholarships to help students pay testing fees for certifications, and other related exams.

  • Academic scholarships to help student with the burden of paying for college/university.

  • Dr. E’ Vann Walker Global Impact Scholarship The Global Impact Scholarship is a partial scholarship awarded to a person(s) that are committed to learn and grow while sharing their talents/gifts and skills with a disadvantaged community that is least 500 miles away from where they have reside.


We believe that all talents are gifts to be used to build people and communities. We invest in people therefore we invest in things seen and unseen. 


“It is our desire to reach the hearts and minds of young people. We believe that everyone has gifts of the hands and the heart that must be unwrapped so that others might receive.” – Matumaini Taylor

2015 Recipent Kris Simms of the Dr. E'Vann Walker Global Impact Scholarship

2016 Recipent LaTisha Fletcher

 of the Dr. E'Vann Walker

Global Impact Scholarship


We Currently Offer 3 Scholarships
  • Dr. E'Vann Walker Scholarship (Global Impact)
    • ​Range of $500-$1000 to offset the cost of classes/coursework.

  • Bessie J. Taylor Scholarship(Books)
    • ​$250 to offset the cost of school books and supplies



  • The Encouraged Academic Testing Scholarship
    • ​$200 to offset testing cost. (Certifications, LSAT, GRE)